Apple forced to cancel presentation of iPhone 9 due to coronavirus

Apple, according to network sources, was forced to cancel the event, which was supposed to be held March 31 in Santa Clara (California, USA).

At the presentation, the announcement of the popular smartphone iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2) was expected. This device is credited with having a 5.4-inch display, an A13 processor, 3 GB of RAM, and a flash drive with a capacity of 64 and 128 GB. The price will be from $ 399.

Now reportedly, Santa Clara authorities have banned public events in connection with the spread of coronavirus. And therefore, the announcement of Apple is likely to fail.

Internet sources add that the “apple” corporation is considering the possibility of holding a presentation elsewhere. It is possible that the announcement of the iPhone 9 will be held exclusively in an online format.

Also confirmed are fears that the outbreak of coronavirus will delay the entry of a new Apple smartphone into the market. The spread of the disease has hit Apple’s manufacturing partners and component supply chains.

It is said that the arrival of the iPhone 9 on sale may be delayed until June. Everything will depend on how quickly the IT industry can recover from the effects of the outbreak.

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