Cisco: future of the Internet in the world until 2023

Cisco has presented the report “Cisco Annual Internet Report Forecast for 2018–2023”. The company’s specialists expect that by 2023 there will be 5.3 billion Internet users in the world, which will be 66% of the world’s population (for comparison, in 2017 this figure was only 45%). At the same time, the number of devices connected to the network will be 29.3 billion (3.6 connections per person). The number of M2M connections will be 14.7 billion (50% of the total number of devices / connections). It is emphasized that by 2023 the largest IoT / M2M market will be connected houses, and the largest growth will be recorded in connected cars.

As for Wi-Fi, its average speed in the world will triple and reach 92 Mbit / s, and the average speed of mobile connections will increase by more than three times and reach 44 Mbit / s.

Interestingly, in Russia, as expected, in 2023 the number of Internet users will reach 113.3 million people (78% of the population). For comparison, in 2017 this indicator was equal to 68%. The number of devices connected to the network will be in Russia, as Cisco experts predict, 895.5 million units (3.6 connections per person – exactly the same indicator as the world average). As for the “Internet of Things,” if in the world, as Cisco experts suggest, M2M connections will account for 50% of the total number of devices / connections, then in Russia by 2023 – 58% (the indicator for 2018 was 38%, or 198, 5 million, so the annual increase will be 21.4%).

In Russia, the average Wi-Fi speed will double and reach 43 Mbit / s, the average speed of mobile connections will increase 2.7 times and reach 25.3 Mbit / s. Note that this is noticeably less than the average in the world, where these indicators are expected to reach, as noted above, 92 Mbit / s and 44 Mbit / s. As for the fixed broadband connection, in the period from 2018 to 2023 in Russia its average speed will double, from 35.2 to 71.1 Mbps.

In general, by 2023, 59% of all Internet users will be in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

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