VAS Services


System for short message delivery in spoken form.

This service facilitates delivering text messages to any number, landline or mobile, with said messages read out to the recipient using an intelligent text-to-speech engine. SC.SMS2Voice expands the capabilities of SMS and adds the subscribers of landline networks to the audience. Sending SMS messages remains as easy as it ever was.

Key features

Reception and transformation of the message text to speech. Delivery of transformed messages to subscribers. Notification of the subscriber about whether the message was delivered successfully.

Phrase substitution by finding patterns based on regular expressions. Obscene language blocking. Transformation of the number to which the message is sent for correct delivery. Management of the message queue performed by the administrator.

Flexible schedule of repeated deliveries. Subscriber profile management by the billing system. Capability to generate estimated CDR information for the billing system.

Capability for integration with real-time billing via CAMEL or Diameter protocols or SQL queries. System administrator and operator interface. Collection of statistics, logging, and monitoring of the system’s operation.

Benefits & advantages

Delivery of voice messages to landline numbers and mobile subscribers. Capability to replay the message and number from which it was sent. Flood protection for the platform and recipients.

Notification of the subscriber about whether the voice message was delivered successfully. Flexibly configurable schedule of repeat deliveries. Message queue management.

Text-to-speech transformation is available for the Russian and English languages. Implementation for other languages is possible. Voice message delivery can be performed using ISUP or SIP protocols.