Welcome to the new era of data backup and recovery

Upgrading data protection is one of the five most important IT priorities for 73% of organizations, according to ESG Research Insight’s Trends in Modern Data Protection.

As simple as it sounds, IT environments are more dynamic than ever, and their needs are no longer just traditional.

In this new context, all that is needed to transform data protection from an insurance policy into a business-oriented solution that allows data-based conversion is the right modern, modern solutions.

As the amount of data your organization relies on grows, you need data protection that does not affect performance and only requires minimal memory consumption.

Moreover, with the growing adoption of hybrid multi-criteria environments, there are now more targeted repositories for protection in an increasingly diverse and complex IT infrastructure.

Complexity is also an integral result of multi-cloud hybrid environments, but you need to have control over your data wherever it is, and having a single solution that extends across your entire IT infrastructure combines workload protection.

In addition, as the surface of your attack increases, the need for modern data protection becomes more urgent. Each organization has a 1 to 4 chance to face cyber abuse over the next two years, according to the Data Leak Cost Survey, published by the Ponemon Institute in September 2018.

That’s why you need to reduce the risk for all your workloads — whether these workloads exist locally or in the cloud — with a unified platform that simplifies management and increases fault tolerance.

Having a single, up-to-date solution for backing up and restoring data in all environments can have numerous business benefits, such as maximum business uptime, ease of use with exponential data growth and new workloads, quick recovery in the event of cyber attacks, and improved analytics and development .

Learn about all the important business benefits of IBM’s modern data protection solutions, as well as the features that make these benefits available, from Understanding the Need for Modern Data Protection.

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